The Best Time To Plant Trees On Your Property

By / December 15, 2017
Gazebo and footpath landscaping in a beautiful garden

Spring is full of life and it may seem like the best time to plant your shrub is when the winter ends. It is also the best time to get you flowers and veggies in the ground, but trees and shrubbery have special considerations.

Gazebo and footpath landscaping in a beautiful gardenThe spring is often wet with rain and pretty warm as well, but all too often jumps directly into the heat and dryness of the summer months and this stress factor can be bad news for the young trees.

When summer ends and the cool fall months signal the upcoming winter, there is less transpiration and the possibility to grow a strong root structure is much higher, so this can be the best time to plant trees around your property. Furthermore, the cooler weather and plentiful moisture are more conducive to the shrub growth then the the rigorous summer months.

Rain during the fall allows the soil to become comfy and accommodating to a young plant. There is also greater ground aeration and this increases the possibility for a stronger tree. A tree that was planted in the fall will be a hefty three-month old when the toughest season for the young tree rolls around. If the young tree has already established a solid root foundation before the summer rolls by increases the chances of survival incredibly.

Of course, some of these rules are subject to the exception. Following are a few different types of trees and presentations they may arrive in and how best to install these additions in your garden.

Bare root trees – These trees are taken from the ground in the dormant stage and then subject to suspension in a moist medium while being transported to new locations. Because of the bare roots, the best time to plant trees is in the spring to avoid being damaged by frozen ground or extreme summer heat. Coordinate your ordering of bare root trees so that they arrive in the spring and can be planted right away.

Container trees – These trees have been growing in their containers since they were seedlings and can survive in their container for prolonged periods of times if handled correctly. Plant these in the ground when they still have a good couple of months before the heat of summer or frozen winter soils.

Deciduous trees – Wait till they fall asleep and toss them in the ground. Thy will let you know when they drop all their leaves in the late summer. Plant them in the fall and keep them well watered till spring.

Evergreens – Heat is the enemy so spring may be okay but fall would also be the best choice.

Conifers – These trees are especially susceptible to the cold and their thin needle leaves will lose water very quickly, even when they are sleeping. If your climate has frozen ground in the winter, you will want to plant these when the ground thaws in the early spring.

Transplants – Once the ground has thawed in the spring might be a good time to plant the transplants. But, fall is also a safe bet as the trees still have a few months before the ground freezes and this gives them time to grow some roots. Older trees are more susceptible to the shock of being transplanted so be extra careful and gentle.

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