Strathwood Basics Hardwood Chaise Lounge

The Strathwood Chaise Lounge is an extremely attractive chaise lounge that’s well-constructed and able to resist all kinds of inclement weather and last for years. Strathwood is known for its quality workmanship and with this chaise, they’ve added other elements such as a sliding tray that’s perfect for holding a summer cocktail and a book and five different adjustment levels.


If you don’t mind the weathered look of eucalyptus wood that’s been left in the weather, this chaise weathers well. You can also use teak oil to keep the wood in its natural state and to preserve the longevity of the chaise lounge.

Even though this chaise can be purchased at an inexpensive price, it’s well made and intended for outdoor use. You can adjust the back of the chaise to five different positions that range from flat to upright. The design uses slots to make sure water slips through and doesn’t gather on the wood.

Your chaise is also assembled with rust-resistant components that will enhance its durability. Even though eucalyptus is a quality hardwood, you may notice splitting or cracking if it isn’t treated. This won’t affect the durability of the chaise, but may affect the looks.

Mortise and tenon construction makes it strong, so you can be sure it more weight than other chaise lounges you’ve tried. Mortise and tenon are a way of constructing joints in an item to ensure its strength.

With mortise and tenon, you have the mortise, which is an indentation in which the tenon is placed. A tenon is the end portion of the wood that fits into the mortise. When you have this type of construction, you’ll enjoy a strong and durable frame.


Assembly of your Strathwood lounger is simple and easy. All you need in the way of tools is the allen wrench which is supplied with the chaise. At most, you’ll only spend about thirty minutes assembling your comfy chaise lounge before you can enjoy its many benefits.

The components of the chair come to you pre-assembled, so all you have to do is set it up. After finishing the assembly, sit back and enjoy the comfort and beauty this incredible chaise lounge has to offer.


You can purchase cushions that perfectly fit the 73 3/8 inches L x 25 5/8 inches wide x 12 3/8 inches tall. The five positions you can choose from helps you achieve the comfort level of the chaise that’s best for you.

Soak up the sun, read magazines or books or enjoy a margarita by the pool – you’ll be comfortable every second in this well-designed, Strathwood chaise lounge. The sliding tray table makes you wonder why no one else has thought of adding this attribute to enhance the design. Strathwood is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture, so it’s no wonder that they’ve found a clever way to incorporate this feature.


Eucalyptus hardwood gives this chaise lounge the appearance of a much more expensive lounge chair. It will make a beautiful addition to patio, porch or poolside and you can keep the patina of the wood natural by treating it with teak oil periodically.

The sliding tray table is perfect for holding books and drinks and is a feature that’s usually found on much more expensive chaise lounges.

Hardwood outdoor furniture is usually out of the question if you want a less expensive choice for your deck or patio, but Strathwood gives you this and more. This is an elegant and durable way to enhance the looks of your outdoor space without spending a lot of money.


This Strathwood chaise lounge is much less expensive than some of its hardwood counterparts, but delivers on looks and durability. Add cushions to bring a bit of color to the chaise and you’ll be enjoying this chaise lounge for a long time.

Buying online allows you to find bargain prices and free shipping to cut the cost of this chaise lounge even more.

At a Glance

Durability: The eucalyptus hardwood makes this chaise lounge extremely durable and handsome. The only problems occur if you don’t treat the wood. Treating it will help the wood resist rot and color fading.

Assembly: Easy and quick. The components are pre-assembled and you’ll receive an allen wrench in the package. That’s all you’ll need to complete the assembly process.

Comfort: Purchase some fluffy cushions to place on your Strathwood lounge chair and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your new chaise to the fullest.

Appearance: At first glance, you’ll think this chaise lounge is much more expensive than it really is. It’s well-designed and made from quality wood.

Cost: You won’t have to replace this chaise after only a year, but without treating the wood, you may have problems with rot and cracking. For the price you’ll pay, this Strathwood chaise lounge is certainly worth it.


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