Norpro Cut-N-Slice Flexible Cutting Boards

The Norpro Cut-N-Slice Flexible Cutting Boards can eliminate cross-contamination problems. You get three of these cutting boards in a pack instead of an individual one – and by color-coding them, you can take a step toward avoiding cross contamination.

Food preparation is a big step in the kitchen whether you’re making a main dish or getting fruits and vegetables ready for the juicer.

The trouble with cross contamination is that you can end up getting bad bacteria that ranges from anything like feeling slightly ill to having a serious case of food poisoning. More often than not, cross contamination happens by cutting foods on the counter, by using an old wooden cutting board that harbors bacteria, or by improper hand washing of a cutting board or the foods themselves.

Each board has a small symbol indicating which of the boards should go with which of the foods during preparation. The boards come in pastel colors of pink, green and yellow. Using the green one for fruits and vegetables is easy to remember because those foods come from nature.

The yellow board is labeled to use for foods like chicken and shrimp, and the pink cutting board is labeled with a symbol reminding users that it should be used to cut or dice meat. The color coding is a great benefit that keeps cross contamination at a minimum.

What makes these boards different (and better) than a solid cutting board is that these are bendable. Their flexible design allows users to lift the cutting board with the ingredients still on them and let the ingredients transfer easily into the dish or pan as you bend it into a funnel and drop it in.

You won’t have to worry about cross contamination drops getting onto your counter or on your floor because this is an easy one step way of using a cutting board. Since these are flexible cutting boards, you don’t have to hand wash them and risk not getting them clean in the sink.

You can slide them right into the dishwasher. It’s handier and safer. These boards are a nice size, and they won’t absorb the smells that foods give off. They’re safer for counters, safer for knives and safer for you.

You might think that because the Norpro Cut-N-Slice Flexible Cutting Boards are such good boards that they’re more expensive than traditional cutting boards, but they’re not. In fact, they’re less expensive. Once you try them and see how well they work, you’ll never go back to an old fashioned cutting board.

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