Chef’n PalmPeeler

Chef’n Palm Peeler: Strange name. Great tool.

The Chef’n PalmPeeler is just like the name describes it. It’s a peeler that you can actually hold in the palm of your hand – and it’s even fun to use! All you do is place it on your finger the same way you’d put a ring on and the rest of the gadget rests in the palm of your hand.

You’ll be thrilled with how easy it is – and peeling will no longer be one of the steps involved with juicing that you don’t like. Peeling with an older, outdated kitchen appliance can be annoying when you’re in a hurry – and they’re not all that safe, either.

When juicing, some people like to leave the skin on the fruits and vegetables they use. But if you’re like most people, you prefer to have your fruits and vegetables peeled down to the best tasting part of the food – the flesh – while still enjoying the delicious taste and nutrients.

Fruit- and vegetable-shaped marzipan

Fresh Produce

What can it peel? Whatever fruit or vegetable that you want the skin taken off of. This device even has a handy way to get rid of those annoying potato eyes, so that’s an extra feature.

The easy way this gadget peels lies not only in the comfortable design, but also in the way the stainless steel blade can separate the flesh from the skin with one wisp of a stroke. It’s curved specifically to fit the palm of the hand.

The easy way it peels is super helpful for people who have any kind of difficulty with range of motion with their fingers, like the elderly or those with arthritis. Because of the design, it’s also safer for people who have eyesight problems to use than a traditional peeler is.

The gadget is tough and sturdy enough so that you don’t have to hand wash it. You can just put it in the dishwasher after using it.

In all fairness, though, because the Chef’n PalmPeeler is so easy to use, you’ll want to use it around the kitchen for other peeling jobs – not just for your juicer. You can have a choice in color of cherry red or green.

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