Low Fat Casserole Ideas

Are you looking for a simple yet low-fat dinner idea? I always am…sometimes I stand in the supermarket and cannot come up with one original idea. I’m always in a hurry but can’t use that as an excuse to eat way too much fat. And casseroles are appealing: a one-dish meal made complete with a salad. I like easy. If you’re in the same boat, here are a few videos that may help.

I liked this first one because the lady substitutes spaghetti squash for pasta in her ‘mock’ aroni and cheese casserole. It looks like it’s shot from across the room, and she keeps  noisily grabbing the cheese out of a bag (instead of having it ready to use, in a dish), but the idea is good.

Here we have Grandma Tweetie and her ‘low fat’ tuna casserole. She used cheese though; could save a lot of fat not doing that. This is included because so many guys like tuna casserole.

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