Why We Like the Dyson Home Cleaning Kit

When you have a great vacuum cleaner, you know that your floors will look super every time you clean them. Vacuum cleaners come with standard attachments that give you a cleaning edge, but you can also get extra help.

The Dyson Home Cleaning Kit allows your vacuum to have more functionality to deliver the clean home you want and keep dust at bay. Dust is definitely not a friend in any house.

One of the common reasons for household allergies to get worse is the dust that accumulates on furniture, wall art, shelves and ceiling fan blades. It also gathers in air and heating vents and clings to air filters.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit

You can’t get all of the dust with a regular dusting cloth without stirring up the dust into the air. Feather dusters don’t trap the dust, either. These tools just swirl dust around and it lands a few minutes later in another spot.

Dust is made up of particles of various substances like skin cells, hair from humans and animals and more. This is the junk that dust mites like to snack on. But you also get the feces from the mites and even dead mites in the dust you release into your air when you dust using a cloth or anything else that releases dust particles back into the air.

You want that dust out of the air and you want it contained so that it can’t worsen allergies and make you sick. To keep that air healthier for your family and cleaner to breathe, you have to use a vacuum with a specific brush, like the soft dusting brush that comes in the Dyson Home Cleaning Kit.

With this tool, you can dust your walls, your lamps and anything that needs dusting with a gentle touch. It’s so gentle that you can even use it to clean the dust from your draperies.

Sometimes dirt will not surrender willingly and for that, you’ll need a brush with stiff bristles. You’ll get one of those in the kit as well so that you can make sure you get your home as clean as it needs to be.

But you’ll also get a brush with swivel action so that dust can’t hide in those hard to reach places, like narrow crevices. With this kit, you can clean everything from lofty ceiling fans to computers, keyboards, family heirlooms and more.

Because these tools are bundled into one kit, you’ll save money by buying them this way than if you bought them one at a time.

Amazon reviews are mostly positive:

If you only plan on buying one kit with your Dyson, make it this one.

These are the perfect attachments to clean the house from top to bottom.

Good additions to an already fantastic vacuum, I don’t know how I went without a Dyson for so long. Go Animal!!!

One reviewer returned the tools because she didn’t think she needed the extra tools (used a Dyson hand vac).

You can read more here: Dyson Home Cleaning Kit

If you decide to get it at Amazon.com it’s currently a 10% savings.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit

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