Easy Home Remodeling Tips On A Budget

By / December 15, 2017

Home remodeling is not something most home owners think about unless it involves the sale of the home. Many people may just think it costs too much. However, this does not always have to be the case. There are ways to renovate a home with ideas that are not expensive at all.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

This always gives a house a new look. The walls may be looking dull which makes the home look old. A fresh coat of paint always refreshes the room. It is not necessary to hire a professional painter if it’s too expensive. A person can make time to paint the walls slowly and make them look as good as new.

Rearranging The Furniture

This is also another way to make the home look new. It will also be advisable to change fabrics on the furniture. This will make it appear like the furniture is new. When it has been rearranged, the whole living room area will look like a completely different room.

Changing Lampshades

These are not items that everyone who walks into a home sees. However, replacing the old lampshades with new ones will make the whole place look so much better. Changing old lampshades and putting up new ones with different colors or shapes will create a fresh perspective for the place. In addition to that, colored lampshades make the place pop. In case one feels that buying new lampshades is too expensive, they can look for ways to make the old ones look new. This can be done by adding decorative pieces to them.

Changing Door Knobs, Hinges And Handles

This can be a very good way to make a place look completely different. Hinges, knobs and handles are used all the time which means that they are prone to wearing out. Replacing them will make the place look fresh. These are things that are affordable and they will be instrumental in making the place look so much better.

Hanging Art On The Wall

Adding art to the walls always makes a room look classy. Getting art that is good may be costly but there are some pieces that are affordable. If one has no budget for art, photos are also fine. They can be arranged in stylish patterns to give the room a good outlook.

Changing Drapes

Drapes are also another part of a room that define the place and adding new curtains are an inexpensive way to breathe new life to a room. If the place has dark drapes or curtains, putting brightly colored ones will make the home brighter.

Painting The Front Door

Painting the front door with a different color is a perfect home remodeling technique. The new color should be trendy.

Placing New Rugs

Something as small as change of rugs can also make the place look different. The living room, bed room and bedroom rugs are perfect for this.

Cabinet Refacing For An Easier Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen

By / December 15, 2017

Cabinet refacing refers to the process of replacing drawer fronts, cabinet doors and knobs. It also involves applying veneer to all the visible parts of the cabinets. It’s the best alternative to breaking down the entire cabinet and installing a new one. Refacing comes in handy for cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen. It is a good way to save money, time and labor. Some of the benefits of cabinet refacing include the following.

Economical – The entire process costs at least 50{4f2f14496cc39863f6c7e7b7f020a9402006cc24b17c9492d27f490f66220e31} less than installing new cabinets. It’s a prudent way of saving money for cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere else in the house. Most of the cabinets that look completely worn out are always in a good condition. Therefore, if the layout is still intact, giving a proper facelift is the best idea. Refacing saves the trouble of wasting money ripping out perfectly good cabinets and installing new ones.

Less Complications – Installing new cabinets often takes too long to complete because it is a huge and tedious task. There’s a lot of planning involved and often takes a toll on anyone doing it. On the other hand, refacing cabinets takes as little as a day to complete as long as the person doing it has the right skills for the job.

Reducing Waste – When old cabinets are ripped out, they often end up filling a landfill somewhere. Therefore, the best way for reducing wastage is by refacing cabinets. Basically, a lot of money is saved without the need for buying new cabinets but using the old ones for the refacing process.

Giving A Proper Facelift – When refacing cabinets, there are numerous veneering options and colors to choose from. Some of the available real wood veneers include maple, hickory and birch. Even better, it’s easy enough to change the grain and look of the entire wood by choosing new doors and covers. Adding new molding and trim as well as glass doors would also transform the cabinets completely.

Eco-Friendly – Most cabinet manufacturers utilize formaldehyde, a hazardous compound which ends up in landfills. Therefore, refacing often comes in handy rather than installing new cabinets. On the other hand, the experts in the niche often recycle the old parts such as doors, drawer covers and hinges thus preventing the demolition of more trees required to create new cabinets. All in all, refacing cabinets sums up to an eco-friendly option.

Revamped Look – When the process is complete, the cabinets end up looking as good as new. Even better, they look as if they have been replaced completely. Therefore, anyone feeling that the cabinets are in a terrible shape, refacing always comes in handy. It’s the best way to save time, money and enjoy a green option in the home.

Refacing is a very simple procedure that can be completed as a DIY or by hiring an expert for the job. With these benefits, anyone looking to install new cabinets will often rethink their decision and choose to transform them completely through refacing.

Signs That Foundation Repair Is Necessary

By / December 15, 2017
man in basement removing cement floor

A foundation is important because it keeps any building steady. When the foundation is at risk, the whole building faces the risk of collapse. This is why it is important to note the signs that a foundation needs repair. Here are the signs that a building is in need of foundation repair.

Bulging Doors And Windows

man in basement removing cement floorWhen the foundation expands due to the water under the foundation, then there is an effect on the walls. That makes the windows and doors look like they are bulging. If this is the case with the building, then this is a clear sign that repairs need to be made. The windows and doors may even stop closing properly due to the damage.

Sloping Floors

This is usually a clear sign of a damaged foundation. The soil underneath the foundation may start to shift so there will be a shift on the floors, too. If there is unevenness on the floor, this means there is a likelihood that the foundation will collapse soon. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible.

Patios Pulling Away From The Building

If the patio is pulling away that means that the soil under the foundation is settling or has shifted. The patio will pull away slowly at first so the crack may not be as noticeable. After some time, the crack will be more pronounced. This problem should be addressed immediately to avoid complete damage to the house.

Cracks On The Floor

This is another a sign that the foundation is in quick need of repairs. The cracks are caused by the movement in the foundation. Any notice of cracks on the floor should warrant a call to the foundation repair services.

Cracks On Walls

Cracks on walls also mean the same thing. The foundation needs repair. A person should look closely at walls to see if there are any cracks if the other signs start to appear. Since drywall sometimes takes a while to show cracks, it is advisable to look for any cracks on the bricks at the fireplace.

Bowing Basement Walls

The basement walls bow due to the expansion and contraction of the soil when there is water and when the water dries. This causes the walls to start bowing. A home inspection by a professional is advisable in order to determine if there is foundation damage. Once this is confirmed, it is crucial to get a good repair service. Experience is a very important quality to look for. The repairs on the foundation should be handled by experts because a poor job will result in the foundation getting damaged again. A service with trained personnel will be able to handle any damage no matter how extensive. Their skills and training will ensure that the foundation will remain firm for a long time.

What To Consider Before You Try To Refinish Hardwood Floors

By / December 15, 2017
A room with hardwood floors being refinished.

Hardwood is a kind of flooring option that is really coming back in style. If you happen to live in an older home, it may be worth it to check out the floors underneath the material on the surface to see if you have hardwood that can be brought back to life. For many people, there is a beautiful hardwood floor treasure in many or all of the rooms of their home just waiting to be refinished. When you have an idea to refinish hardwood floors throughout your living space, these are some helpful tips to follow.

Inspect The Gaps

A room with hardwood floors being refinished.Always look at any of the gaps that are located in between your floor planks. If it seems as though they are widening and there are nails visible holding your floor down, it is best to not try refinishing the floor.

Newer Hardwood

There are some floors with newer hardwood that is only about a quarter of an inch thick that includes a laminate coating over the top. These are floors that you cannot sand to refinish. If you should try to refinish them, you could end up wearing away the majority of the floor.

Wood Types

There are some hardwood floor types that will be easier to refinish than the others. For example, both oak and pine remain the most common and they can be easy to work with. However, keep in mind that the harder woods like walnut, maple, and mahogany will take a bit more time.

Warning Side Note

There can be some older vinyl floors that have asbestos in them, which will either be in the adhesive or the backing. Prior to removing any vinyl floor to work on a hardwood floor, check with a professional for safe removal practices.

As you prepare the floor for refinishing, you need to remove all of the existing material that is covering it. If there was an adhesive on the old flooring, it may be a bit easier to use adhesive remover to help you with scraping it up. Depending on the material that was over the hardwood floor, you may also want to think about cutting it into sections so that everything is a lot easier to handle.

When you get ready to work, you will need to be sure that the area is properly ventilated as this is a job that can generate a great deal of dust. Additionally, there can be fumes from the new finish that can be dangerous if there is not enough air flow. Using a box fan will help you to bring plenty of fresh air into the room.

The job to refinish hardwood floors in the home does not have to be scary or daunting, you simply need to be sure that you are prepared in order to get the best result. If you are still unsure of your ability to do it, try practicing while using a large piece of plywood and you can allow yourself to get comfortable while using the sander.

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